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I. extra ex‧tra 1 [ˈekstrə] adjective [only before a noun]
more than normal, or in addition to something else:

• We will be advertising for 200 extra staff.

• an extra 1% on National Insurance contributions

— extra adverb :

• They need to offer something extra to attract customers.

• The room is £45 a night, and Full English breakfast is £12 extra.

• Mr Chase paid extra for a room to himself.

  [m0] II. extra extra 2 noun [countable]
something which is added on, especially charges on a bill:

• Cruise control is available as an optional extra.

• Be clear about what you are paying for, as there may be hidden extras.

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extra UK US /ˈekstrə/ adjective
more than or added to what is usual or what already exists: »

Without the extra help, campus leaders may face tough choices, such as whether to cut some programs.


extra cash/funding/money


extra compensation/income/pay


extra charge/expense/fee

go the extra mile — Cf. go the extra mile
extra UK US /ˈekstrə/ adverb
more than is usual or than exists already: »

The average family of four is spending anywhere from $7 to $10 extra a week on groceries alone, compared to a year ago.


I'm quite happy to pay extra if the quality is right.

extra UK US /ˈekstrə/ noun [C]
something that is added to what is usual, and that may cost more: »

Borrowers are already burdened with mortgage extras such as arrangement fees, legal bills, and life assurance cover.


The telephone call charges seem reasonable but there is the hidden extra of a £35 connection charge.


On average, £1,700 of optional extras are ordered on every car that leaves the plant.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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